One of a kind in the Netherlands: Sex club and pub. Cute girls looking for fun.

Yvonne the owner will show you around in the cosy and laid-back atmosphere of our club filled with beautiful ladies. If you want to smoke or meet discretely we have a special area (for smokers) with a separate bar and its own entrance and exit. We also have several luxurious suites, suites with hot tubs are also available.

We have several ladies available daily, from all over the world. From: The Netherlands, Poland, Brazil, South-Africa and Belgium.
The Club has a very warm atmosphere with a homely vibe.

You can pay with your debit/credit card safely and discreetly at Club Moonlight. The club has all the required permits and regularly gets checked by the municipality.

Hygiene is of the utmost importance at Club moonlight, all the ladies and rooms are checked by the GGD on a regular basis.
Free and discrete parking is available behind the club.

Free Wi-Fi is available.


Club moonlight is looking for ladies who want to work in a safe and pleasant environment under female management.

You must me older than 21 with an EU passport.
Our hostesses can earn up to 85 euros an hour(after tax).
Payment in cash or bank transfer (whichever you prefer).
Decide your own work hours.
No experience required.
Joining guests for drinks is not mandatory, but you can earn 5 euros for every drink the customer orders.

Do you want to work at club moonlight or do you want more information?
feel free to contact us.